Kubecon EU 2016

Docker Kubernetes KubeCon

Aggregation of data from KubeCon EU 2016

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How to quickly group FlatFile records and get a grouped Field maximum


I had a flat file of records and needed to figure out the maximum length of a particular field after filtering and grouping the records, here's how.

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Docker v1.10

Docker RC

My notes on the upcoming Docker 1.10 Release Candidate

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How to Kill a Hanging Hyper-V VM

Hyper-V PowerShell Tasklist

Quickly need to end the life a Hyper-V VM that won't shut down? Or list all running processes with their commandline through Powershell?

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How to quickly get an up to date looking resume

Docker Nodejs resume Hyper-V

Here are some simple steps if you have access to a Docker daemon, don't want to install NodeJS and quickly want to generate a nice looking resume. Ignore the Windows hurdles if you're on Linux.

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Kubernetes Workshop for Docker Saigon

The first draft of my upcoming article on "How To Provision a Kubernetes Cluster Using CoreOS" is ready. This is the guideline for a Kubernetes workshop I gave for the http://docker-saigon.github.io community

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About This Blog and My Setup

Blog Setup

This blog is meant for those notes I feel confident enough releasing to the wild. Feel free to review and use what you like. Let me detail some of my setup.

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