Kubecon EU 2016

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Trying to summarize the twitter streams & @kubeconio so you don’t have to…

First, see the updated docs to if you’re still wondering what Kubernetes is.

Then, refer to the summary blog posts from people that were actually at KubeCon:

& Summaries after the Conference finished:

What I pieced together from the Twitter Stream:

Day 1

persistent volumes providing cluster-wide non-ephemeral storage. A couple of different cluster storage providers are available for persistent volumes in k8s: More classic ones like NFS and SCSI; cloud native ones like GlusterFS and Ceph; cloud provider specific ones for GCE and AWS and storage abstraction layers like Flocker.

Best practice for CI/CD on k8s seems to be: separate different applications and stages by using k8s namespaces and use ChatOps tools like Hubot (https://hubot.github.com) to provide fast feedback to the devs & ops.

Day 2

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